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I offer both a la carte and contract services - based on your specific needs.

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"Jessica transformed the way our organization raised funds and connected with supporters. From streamlining our event planning process, developing sponsorship packages, launching a major gifts program and overseeing the re-branding of our organization, she never missed a beat. Her communication and organization skills are unmatched, and I always knew I could count on her to meet our goals.


"Jessica is a joy to work with as she is passionate about empowering others and values diversity of perspectives. She loves to fundraise, and her natural abilities are undeniable. Nonprofit Jess is the best investment you can make to take your organization to the next level."


Former Executive Director of Brethren Housing Association

Nonprofit Consultant Jessica Johnson Vin

Grant Writing

Many organizations believe that grants are the easiest source of funding available. Unfortunately, obtaining a grant award of significant value often takes a lot of work to write, is much more competitive than smaller grants, and may include extensive reporting requirements if you are awarded.


I will identify grant funding available across a variety of sectors (foundations, corporate, government, etc.) and work with you to strategically decide which opportunities are the best fit for your organization and will best fund your programs.  


Using the tips and tricks I’ve picked up in my 10+ years of grant writing experience, I can take the lead on writing and submitting applications, as well as complete grant reports in cooperation with your organization’s program and development teams. 

SUCCESS STORY Increased revenue to over $1 million for the first time in an organization’s 30-year history - which included an increase in grant funding by $165,000.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is here to stay – we just need to figure out what speaks to your audience. Whether sending a large mass appeal or a smaller targeted appeal, direct mail is a great way to share your story and solicit support. 

SUCCESS STORY Sent a direct mail campaign to supporters of an organization that needed new roofing for their buildings. Within days, the total cost of $30,000 for the installment was received through multiple donations.

Individual Giving & Membership Programs 

The future of your organization lies in the hearts of the people willing to invest in you. Creating a solid individual giving or membership program allows your organization to continue operating at a high level without the fear of losing support from fickle funding sources (like grants!). 

SUCCESS STORY Created and implemented an individual giving program designed to increase donor giving levels and provide dependable and sustainable income to fund programs and services. In the first year, 13 households began participating. After three years, the pledge revenues totaled $84,000.


Sponsorships are an excellent way to encourage support from businesses wanting to expand their visibility by supporting the work of organizations in their community. As more and more nonprofit organizations solicit the same community sponsors, it is imperative that your organization offers benefits that meet the needs of the business you are soliciting.


I will work with you to create sponsorship packages to present businesses and can help tailor sponsor proposals based on the businesses’ needs.

SUCCESS STORY Implemented bundle sponsorship packages designed to increase sponsor’s exposure at multiple events instead of a single event. In one fiscal year, bundled sponsorships increased event revenue by 24%.

Branding & Marketing

Does your logo properly represent the work of your organization? Do your marketing materials convey professionalism to your supporters? Is your brand consistent across all areas of your organization?


If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, it might be time to consider a brand refresh. I can manage the entire rebranding process - from planning to design - and leave you with a look you are proud to present. 

I partner with designers and vendors who are just as passionate about nonprofits as I am. We can design and develop everything: logo, branding, website, marketing materials, annual reports, direct mail pieces, the list goes on.

SUCCESS STORY After a rebrand for an established nonprofit, the organization saw an increase in donor support, online engagement, and attendance at events.

Social Media

Social media might be your best friend or your worst enemy; either way, it’s an important part of your marketing strategy and should be approached strategically and creatively. I can assist with identifying the platforms right for your organization, create a content calendar, and design compelling campaigns and posts to help you stand out in your community, engage your audience, and encourage involvement with your organization. 

SUCCESS STORY Took a stagnant and unengaging facebook page and increased viewership from 600 to 1,000.

Public Relations

Are you doing amazing work that nobody knows about? Let me help extend your organization’s profile through media and social media coverage. Your PR plan will consider all the areas you wish to highlight including the overall organization, your programs, and upcoming events. 

SUCCESS STORY Through the use of public relations (television appearances, press releases, and a speaking tour), increased donor support by welcoming 227 new supporters and recapturing 70 supporters who had given to organization in the past. 

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